Up until 1968 very little was known about the mining remains on the Isle of Man when a Manx Mines Research Group was formed as a spin off from the antiquarian society… as far as understood.
The group, a small body of locals from the mining village of Laxey had their first meeting and formed plans for the exploration of the Great Laxey Mine along with other sites around the Island. The system of exploration was basic but the results were remarkable and the recovery of six ore trucks from one of the many shafts by way of winch lead to further discoveries and considerable documentation over the following years. By 1980, the original team had dissolved and had been completely replaced with new members. The only access into the mine at this time was by using single rope technique (see picture right) via the welsh shaft. Theses techniques are frequently practiced.
In 1982, the group joined  the National Association of Mining History Orgaisations N.A.M.H.O. under the title of the Manx Mines Research Group and in 1985 started working as volunteers for the Isle of Man Government on the redevelopment of the Laxey site as a tourist attraction. This prompted the need for change and so in 1987 a second body known as the Laxey Group was formed  and the title of Manx was dissolved over the following five years. It was decided to scrap subscriptions for membership and we don’t refer to ourselves as a club. We have no officers such as secretaries or treasurers and an EGM is held only when necessary. The group was now undertaking large tasks and played a major role in the creation of the site from constructing paths to building bridges as well as the underground restoration work.
Legislation made it necessary to comply with health and safety although our practices and standards were good and so the crew of twenty five were donned with orange boiler suits and white helmets to meet the requirements which in turn led to greater opportunities for the group. We work semi professionally for various government departments, planning and executing civil engineering projects on many of the mine sites as well as our own projects and digs. 
Most of the major shafts have now been fitted out with platforms and ladder ways and the adit levels cleared. Almost all of the open shafts have now been capped with access points.  The group has earned such a high reputation with all authoritative bodies on the Island that our work is widely accepted and unchallenged. Almost all of the equipment used is owned by the group including Holmans rock drills and larger machinery such as compressors or diggers are usually borrowed or hired. 


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