Extracts from the 'Mona's Herald' on the Bradda Mining Company reports


The engine house is being pushed on as fast as possible, the loading is nearly up to it's height and after this is completed we hope to run up the other walls quickly. The engine has arrived in good condition and will be discharged tomorrow. The ground at Spitall's shaft is good and highly mineralised ; we are frequently meeting with dropping branches composed of 'black jack' (or blend), spar and mundic all of which are inclining towards the lode, and I have not the least doubt but that it will very much improve the lodes when they drop into it. The level (Prior's) we are driving towards the shaft, (Spitall's) is also in a good channel of ground but it appears that the former parties missed the lode here in driving. There is a small flookun course that crossed the load in the present forebreast and heaved the lode to the east ; this we are now about to prove, after which the end will be continued on the course of lode, when we have a good chance for making discoveries. The cross cut at south Bradda is much the same as when last reported on ; there are some spots of copper and lead on it but not enough of either to value.

R. Barkell, September 26th 1866.



The adjourned half yearly meeting of the Bradda Mining Company was held at the Royal Hotel on Monday last. There was a good attendance. The report of the direcctors which was a merely formal document, having been read, the following report by the manager Captain Barkell, was submitted,

Gentlemen - I presume that Captain Northby's report will be laid before you on the 11th instant and that a lengthy one will not be required from me. Our present operations, as you are aware are confined to four points - the 70 fathom level north and south, the 60 cross cut east and a stope in the roof 50. At the time of your last meeting, the lode in the 70 south was nipped and a cross cut being put out went to pierce it in this direction. This has been done and a more congenial part of the lode has been intersected and driven on for some 10 to 15 fathoms , and throughout the whole length it has shown some very favorable appearance and produced some work for lead and copper ores. About three weeks ago, a cross lode was cut which shifted or heaved about six feet out of it's regular course but is again recovering it's original bearing and improving as we advance. I would remark here that when the lode came in contact with the cross one, it yielded the most mineral. The lode in the 70 north consists of spar, carbonate of lime, a little copper and blend. Not having seen any of the latter ore here previous to the last six feet driving, we think it a good indication of the approach of one of the shoots of lead gone down in the upper level. In driving the sixty cross cut, two or three small branches containing spar have been intersected, neither of which have yielded any mineral of value. At present there is strong water entering from the forebreast which in my opinion indicates other branches or lodes ahead but if nothing is discovered in the next two fathoms I would recommend it's suspension. The lode in the 50 stope makes good patches of lead and copper ores, but being irregular, a fair estimate of it's value can not be arrived at. So far, it has produced ore enough to cover cost and leave a small proffit. In conclusion, I must say there is a decided improvement in our prospects compared with six months ago. This is due to the improved character of the lode in the two principal points, 70 north and south. A report from Captain Northby of Aberystwith, was also submitted. Captain Northby's mission to the mine was to discover the recourses of the mine and propound a plan how best these could be developed without absorbing the available capital of the company, which is not very large. He reported in favour of driving the 70 fathom level south, which will absorb 2, 380 and the 27 fathom level north and south which will absorb another 2000. 

The balance sheet showed that the past half year was commenced with a balance in hand of 1, 685 - 15s - 7d ; Interest on calls in arrears had brought in 39 - 4s ; installments of seventh call received in advance 85 - 5s , stock of one at Bradda accumulated during the half year at 139 - 10s ; sale of old iron, 2 - 12s - 6d ; making a total working income for the half year of 1,952 - 7s - 1d . The labour cost amounted to 749 - 11s ; merchants bills 601 - 16s - 6d ; office expenses etc 132 - 18s ; royalties 13 ; having the balance of funds in hand 452 - 1s - 7d. The liabilities of the company for unpaid merchants bills, office expenses unpaid and due to bankers amount to 810 - 10s - 1d, the amount of calls in arrears, stock of ore and two debts leave a balance in the favour of the concern of 432 - 1s - 7d. The report and balance sheet were adopted and ordered to be circulated among the shareholders. The other business of the meeting possessed no features of public interest.

Wednesday 15th October 1873

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